John Cena insists ‘Bumblebee: The Movie’ will ‘reinvigorate’ the ‘Transformers’ franchise – Metro US

John Cena insists ‘Bumblebee: The Movie’ will ‘reinvigorate’ the ‘Transformers’ franchise

Dwayne Johnson and John Cena

John Cena has declared that Bumblebee: The Movie will reinvigorate the Transformers franchise, while still pleasing the fans of the original five movies.

“Bumblebee” is a much different “Transformers” film, as it is a 1987 set prequel to the 2007 Shia LaBeouf led blockbuster, which stars Hailee Steinfeld as Charlie Watson, a teenage girl that discovers the titular robot in disguise.

Cena’s character in the film is allegedly Burns, an agent of Sector 7. When I spoke to the wrester/actor about his new comedy “Blockers” earlier this week I asked the actor for an update on his character and the film.

While he avoided giving me any specific details regarding his role, he took the opportunity to heap praise on director Travis Knight and its lead star Hailee Steinfeld for bringing “reintroducing” the look and feel to the world.

“I think Travis Knight did a fantastic job of reintroducing the look, the feel, the storytelling of this franchise. I think people who enjoy what ‘Transformers’ was will enjoy the movie.”

“I think it will attract a new fan base. I know Hailee did a fantastic job. I also know that it is very different. I think fans of the franchise are going to be excitingly reinvigorated with the new look.”

Cena also briefly touched upon the vast differences between shooting “Bumblebee” and shooting “Blockers,” declaring, “Here we are talking about ‘Blockers’ a comedy with a lot of improvisation. It is very difficult to improvise with a 13 foot stick with a tennis ball attached to it. So it is a different movie-making process, but one I was extremely interested in.”

We’ll get to see what Cena did opposite that 13 foot stick with a tennis ball attached to it when “Bumblebee: The Movie” is released on December 21.

Before then, though, make sure you check out his comedic turn in “Blockers,” which is released on April 6.