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John Stamos is literally about to be someone’s father

Talk about a full house! Sorry, I was contractually obligated to do that. But really: John Stamos and his fiancée, Caitlin McHugh, are expecting their first child together. The news comes after the duo announced their engagement in October. 

Stamos, who will be a first time father at the age of 54, and he gave a whole interview about it to People. And they, for whatever reason, put it on the cover. “We have the same morals and the same values, that all clicked nicely,” he told the magazine. “So we said, ‘Oh, well, maybe we should have a family.’”

McHugh, 31, was the one to suggest they have a kid before getting married, because Stamos is old. Her words.

Rebecca Romijn’s ex-husband admitted that he “always wanted to be a dad,” but wasn’t sure whether or not it was going to happen for him. “People would say, ‘You should have a child,’” he tells People. “ i was like, ‘That ship has sailed.’”

But he’s excited for this new venture and will be as insufferable a father as any. “I’ll be a fun dad,” he promises. Like, no, he won’t. “I’ve been practicing for a long time.” Hey, man, hope you don’t think “Full House” or “Grandfathered” counts.

“I’ve done every schtick you can do with a baby on TV… all the bits and jokes and diaper gags. I’ll probably just do all that stuff.”

Oh good, because raising a real life child is really all about the diaper gags.

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