The third Kardashian-West baby will make an appearance in January 2018 – Metro US

The third Kardashian-West baby will make an appearance in January 2018

Kim Kardashian Kanye West Red Carpet MTV Awards

You guys, it’s been a while since Kim Kardashian and Kanye West released their spawn to the world. In 2013, we got North. In 2015, we got Saint. And now, premiering in January 2018 we’ll get… another baby with a not normal name. 

Turns out the rumors were right: A source confirms to People that the surrogate that the Kardashian-Wests hired to carry their third child is pregnant. 

“Given her health scares in the past, Kim felt the need to hire a surrogacy agency that helped serve as the liaison in finding a healthy woman who would be a great surrogate option for her and Kanye,” the source told the magazine. “Both of them have been super involved in the process.”

How involved, you might ask? Way more involved than you’re thinking. “They want everything to be perfect and for the baby to be extremely healthy. They don’t want any complications and Kim is providing an ideal eating regimen and diet so everyone knows what the baby is consuming before it’s born.” Grool! 

Kardashian has been pretty open with her struggles with pregnancy, saying “I really tried everything and I really want this and it’s just not going to happen to me… I always knew surrogacy was an option. Now it’s my reality.”

Congratulations to the fam! Say what you will about the Kardashian-Wests, but they make really, really cute babies