Is Wawa open on Thanksgiving

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Wawa is a staple if you live on the east coast, even on Turkey Day. The convenience store has plenty of last-minute holiday essentials like ice, napkins, beverages and other items that people may need during the holidays. It helps to know what stores are open on Thanksgiving day just in case. Is Wawa open on Thanksgiving?

Is Wawa open on Thanksgiving? 

Wawa and Thanksgiving actually go hand in hand, the popular convenience store offers the Hot Turkey Gobbler, Hot Turkey Hoagie and Hot Turkey Bowl the whole month of November and on to celebrate the delicious classic Turkey Day dishes. But does that mean that the east-coast one-stop shop is open on the holiday? It's a common question to ask; many people need a Wawa pick-me-up before the holiday festivities start. A quick coffee run (let's be real relatives can be a bit draining), a band-aid stock up (carving turkeys isn't always easy) or maybe an ice cream pick-up (to go with apple and pumpkin pie of course) is sometimes in the cards on this feast of a holiday. 

Is Wawa open on Thanksgiving

So is Wawa open on Thanksgiving? Yes, it is!  Most Wawa stores will be open on Thanksgiving day, but the hours may differ depending on the location. Some Wawa stores will actually still be open 24 hours meaning you can go and grab some Pepto Bismol after your extensive dinner or perhaps grab one of their Thanksgiving dishes after your aunt brought a Tofurkey without telling anyone. You can check what hours Wawa will be open on any holiday and in which area here using their online store locator. 


So while saddling up for the holiday when someone asks is Wawa open on Thanksgiving? You can answer with a proud yes and excitedly show them this article as proof. 

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