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A certain cookie company is solidifying their reputation as the Willy Wonka of the snack aisle. We’re talking about Nabisco and all their new Oreo flavors. As if the classic cookies weren’t delicious enough, they roll out creative flavor combos with a frenzy. And Oreo lovers better get to the stores stat because there are now three more of them for a limited time. So who needs to make a grocery store run?

That’s right: Three new Oreo flavors launched today. It’s part of yet another campaign that asks you to vote for the one beautiful box you want to see rewarded for being just too darn delicious for words. (Oh yeah, and the winner gets a pretty tasty payday of $500,000 for their idea.) Sorry, we really do wish they were sticking around, but all three flavors — even the winner — will only be around as long as supplies last.

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So what are the new Oreo flavors?

This time around, Nabisco has launched two new Oreo flavors in the regular cookie line, and a flavor in their newer line of thins. These three newcomers are the finalists in the #MyOreoCreation Contest. Competing for permanent shelf space in your heart are Kettle Corn Oreos, Cherry Cola Oreos and Pina Colada Oreo Thins.


Last year, Nabisco had true fans submit their own ideas for new Oreo flavors. The three finalists, the ones we just mentioned, were announced back in December. But today is the big day because it marks the official date that these new packages hit store shelves. You can also find them online. Flavors are already available through the websites of some larger chain stores, like Target, where each package will set you back only $2.99.

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How long will the new Oreo flavors be around?

You have until June 30, 2018 to eat your fill of each of the flavors and vote for your favorite. You can submit one vote each day until the cutoff — and if you have a clear fave among the three, start stockpiling the precious packages now so you don't have to go without them. At least for a couple months.

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