Pink Pineapples
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Avocado toast. Cronuts. Smoothie bowls times twelve. These are the things instagram dreams are made of. And now, in the latest wave of the social media power player’s foodie buzz: Pink pineapples. 

The domination of this tropical delight is upon us, with the FDA recently approving a genetically modified fruit created by Del Monte Fresh Produce Co. They’ll have the fittingly au courant title of the “Rosé pineapple,” and yes, look pretty funky on your kitchen cutting board ‘gram or a shot you take holding one of the blush fellas beachside.

Are they safe to eat, though? Indeed, the pink pineapples have gotten the FDA stamp of approval, but that doesn’t mean they are free of potential risks, especially if you’re of the camp that believes GMOS can pose a major health threat to humans. According to the FDA, however, “DMFP’s new pineapple has been genetically engineered to produce lower levels of the enzymes already in conventional pineapple that convert the pink pigment lycopene to the yellow pigment beta carotene. Lycopene is the pigment that makes tomatoes red and watermelons pink, so it is commonly and safely consumed.”




Currently, this fabulous-looking treat even has its own patent (in addition to hordes of Instagram adorers) and the company describes it as “extra sweet pink flesh pineapple.” While we haven’t seen them crop up at our local supermarket quite yet, it shouldn’t be long before you see them in a produce aisle near you.

If you’re hesitant about consuming GMO foods, here’s a solution: scoop out the flesh, make a pretty colada or cocktail in the interior “boat” you’re left with from the pink pineapple, sip your drink, snap your gram and call it a day.



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