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Lil Wayne’s property seized by Miami cops over private jet debt

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Let it be known that Lil Wayne’s problems are definitely Rich People Problems. The rapper is having a pretty rough day as police are reportedly storming his Miami Beach mansion to seize property in connection with a dispute he has with private jet leasing company the Signature Group, according to TMZ.

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The law enforcement officials arrivedto seize some “sizeable”assets from within the home because of Lil Wayne’s failure to paya $2 million judgment against him in his dispute with the company that came down in September. He’s also on the hook for $200,000 in legal fees for the company.The company initially sued Lil Wayne for failing to pay for two years of his three-year contract with them.

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Sources say Lil Wayne’s security initially refused entry to the cops, which probably didn’t go over to well.The court order, obtained by TMZ, allows the Miami-Dade County Sheriff’s deputies to break the home’s locks if necessary, so we’re guessing security didn’t put up that much of a fight.

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Lil Wayne himself isn’t there to see the fracas, though. The rapper, who spent Halloween putting on a show in Las Vegas, is currently in Los Angeles. In fact, according to paparazzi, he visited the Ace of Diamonds strip club Monday night. He might need a return visit to cheer him up after today.

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