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Listen to a preview of Serial’s new podcast S-Town

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You ready to podcast and chill?

The team behind Serial (Sarah Koenig, Julie Snyder and Ira Glass) will drop all seven episodes of their new podcast, S-Town, on March 28. The new true crime series centers on a rural Alabama town, where the son of a prominent family was overheard bragging that he got away with murder. A local reached out to host Brian Reed (of This American Life), who investigates the supposed crime, which then somewhat conveniently unravels before him.

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The podcast released its preview audio featuring an intro from Koenig today. She notes of the series, “It is weird, it is beautiful, it has a plot that goes in fascinating directions that I never saw coming.”

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We also get a taste of Reed’s narration, he wax poetics about the complicated and nuanced repair process for an antique clock. Foreshadowing much? This all ties into our first subject, the heavily twanged antique clock worker who contacts Reed, and asks him “to help solve a murder.”

And you betcha, the music for S-Town is on point. Listen for yourself below:

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