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Martha Stewart offers Donald Trump the middle finger

Martha Stewart Instagram Donald Trump
Photo: Instagram / marthastewart48

Last weekend, Martha Stewart broke Instagram. And it wasn’t with a photo of an insanely off-the-chain flower arrangement.

Last weekend, Stewart, the national treasure and former employee of Donald Trump, visited the Frieze Art Fair in Randall’s Island Park. There she posed between two Andres Serrano photographs, one of Trump and one of Snoop Dogg, flashing a middle finger toward the former and a peace sign toward the latter.


In the process, she managed to kick up a furor larger than Serrano’s infamous painting “Piss Christ” that was comparable to Snoop Dogg’s March video for “Lavender,” in which he pointed a gun at a fictitious Trump.

On her social media, Stewart shared an image of her offering peace signs to both men. An executive at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia took both photos, including the “politically correct” and “much less interesting” substitute.


Stewart, who has maintained an iron grip on an empire based on good taste, good things and knowing how to construct a prison shank has followed the Betty White model of career revival in the past few years: grandmothers saying and doing naughty things. She was universally acclaimed for her X-rated speech at the “Comedy Central Roast of Justin Bieber,” noting that she’d be down for a threesome, among other things. She and Snoop Dogg formed an unlikely Bonnie/Clyde alliance years ago and recently hosted the VH-1 series “Martha and Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party.”

This weekend, Stewart noted on Instagram that “Potluck” had been renewed for a second season of 20 episodes.

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