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Meet the 20-year-old selling her virginity for $165,000

A 20-year-old student is auctioning off her virginity to the highest bidder, with opening offers starting at €150,000 ($165,000).

Ariana, who hasn’t confirmed her nationality, is selling her innocence via a European escort agency to raise cash to study medicine abroad.

Her online profile describes her as 171 cm tall ( 5 feet 6 inches), 52 kg (115 pounds), with blond hair, blue eyes and natural breasts.

The dancing and snowboarding enthusiast was motivated to sell her virginity by her best friend Lolita, who has already sold her chastity to a Chinese customer for €600,000.

Ariana tells Metro why she has decided to auction her innocence.

Why have you decided to sell your virginity?

I waited to find the love of my live, but I haven’t found it… so far. So, I decided to sell my virginity, rather than share it with someone unworthy. By the way, if it turns out that I like the customer, I would agree to marry him. My requirements are not so huge: He has to look good and be a gentleman. Although his appearance is not so important; the main thing is that he has a good character.

So, you don’t have a boyfriend?

Of course I don’t have a boyfriend. I would not have auctioned my innocence, if there was one. And an escort agency gave me the chance to sell it, because I showed the certificate of my purity. I’ve never even kissed a guy.

Do your parents know what you’re up to?

If they see that I have put my virginity up for auction, I think they would understand me. But at the moment they do not know about it. That is why I do not want to say where I am from.

There are rumors that you are from Russia…

At the moment I’m living in Germany. But I can reassure you that I am not from Russia.

Do you think someone will want to purchase your virginity?

Only the customer knows the reason why they would want to spend money on me. But I think that it is worth it to spend money on a person, who has sacrificed something for 20 years. Actually, it’s a strange question. Do you think I’m auctioning my innocence for fun? Of course, I believe that there will be a customer! Moreover, I have already received several proposals from Russian businessmen from Moscow. Perhaps, it happened because newspapers say I am from there.

And my friend Lolita has already sold her virginity to someone in China for €600,000. She is from an Arabic country and now we live together in Germany. She is my best friend and I inspired her to sell her virginity.

If you are successful, what will you spend this money on?

I plan to spend it on studies and buy a car.

-Stanislav Kupcov