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Metro6@7: Rent regs expire, the Fight for 15 and more Game of Thrones

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Good morning NYC. Here’s the @metronewyork Metro6@7, including more season finale musings on “Game of Thrones,” and the epic fail in Albany.

ALBANY’S EPIC FAIL: Gov. Cuomo, the Republican-controlled state senate and Democrat-controlled state Assembly have left an estimated two million New Yorkers in the lurch — including me. They failed Monday night to reauthorize the state law that governs rent stabilization and rent control as they bickered over two versions of a bill. Don’t panic, they’re saying up in Albany. Mayor Bill de Blasio’s bubbling fury at Governor Cuomo and the failure to act on rent regs and several other key issues, including mayoral control of the public schools, exploded. “This is really Albany at its worst,”he said. Cuomo vows to keep lawmakers in Albany (he has the power, actually) until the protections are reauthorized. If your current lease expires after Sept. 15, you’re no longer protected — for now.

FIGHT FOR 15: After more than two and a half years of strikes and rallies, hundreds of fast food and other minimum wage workers were able to put their hardships on the record when theFast Food Wage Board convened in New York City, asking for a $15 minimum wage and right to unionize.

GAME OF THRONES: Metro continues to analyze, debate and bemoan the season finale of Game of Thrones in several different pieces. We ask: Is Jon Snow really dead?And wesuggest the ways he could have survived.

ODE TO RITA MORENO: Seeing the living legend in the National Puerto Rican Day Parade Sunday inspired us to spell out just how bad ass the Oscar-winning 83-year-old is. Readour five reasonswhy she is simply the greatest.

NYC now wants to regulate salt in a push to lower peoples’ intake. Metro looks at mixed messages from different studies and explores this mind blower: Too little salt is also bad.

In a British interview, her mom seems to indicate yes, but then she backtracks. Confused? We are. Thanks, Mom!

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