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Motorbike helmets are designed to look like shaved human heads

This headgear ought to get your fellow drivers’ motor running… Introducing the motorcycle helmets that look like real human heads. The prototype designs by Dubai-based creative Jyo John Mullor gives the illusion of different people’s shaved heads integrated into the structure of the helmet. The 30-year-old hopes his project ‘Human Helmet’ will become a reality on protective gear next February. Metro chatted to Mulloor on the bike accessories that’ll be sure to freak out every motorist.

Q: Why did you design such creepy helmets?

Q: Why are your helmets “shaved”?

– It’s made just for visualization purpose; this is the initial stage of a concept. Obviously, there will be ones with other hairstyles on production as per the consumer orders.

Q: Do you really think somebody would be keen to wear one?

– Yes, my project has received many messages of appreciation from around the globe. Some manufacturers have already shown interest in launching the line of helmets. I hope to see them to be moving across the streets very soon.

Q: Do you anticipate any problems with traffic police?

– We are changing the cover design now to look more like second skin. But I believe it won’t cause any problems with law enforcement officers. You will just have to take the “second head” off to show that it’s just a helmet. [Laughs]

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