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New York to crack down on underage drinking


New York will start a massive crackdown next month on underage drinking across the state.

The New York State Department of Motor Vehicles, New York State Liquor Authority, and local law enforcement will begin to perform underage drinking checks at over 500 retailers suspected of selling alcohol to minors.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Friday, “These continued statewide enforcement sweeps add to our success in keeping our roadways safe, protecting our youth and holding those who enable underage drinking responsible.”

The new initiative will be built upon the already successful Operation Prevent campaign, the primary focus of which is to deter the use of fake IDs, and curb underage drinking.

Throughout the state, since June alone 426 people were ticketed for underage drinking. Cops also seized tons of fake IDs from Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maryland, Delaware, Rhode Island, Ohio, Maine, Tennessee, Kentucky, New Jersey, Texas, Georgia, South Carolina, Indiana, Alberta, Canada, as well as New York.

In a press release, State Liquor Authority Chairman Vincent Bradley said,”The State Liquor Authority takes our responsibility of making sure licensees are following the law very seriously. These crackdowns under Governor Cuomo send a message that enabling underage drinking, whether through sale of alcohol to minors or purchasing fake IDs, will not be tolerated in New York State.”

Additionally, Mark J.F. Schroeder of Department of Motor Vehicles Commissioner said, “Underage drinking is dangerous and can cost much more than the price of a fake ID. I urge all young New Yorkers to think twice before wasting their money on a phony ID and choosing to drink before they are of age. Those decisions could have life-long consequences, and no matter how good you think your fake ID looks, our experienced investigators have the equipment and training to quickly spot a fraud.”

If people under 21 are caught using fake IDs or other fake documents with the intention of purchasing alcohol, they can have their real license suspended for anywhere between 90 days to a full year. Underage people can also be ticketed.

If the State Liquor Authority charges a business with selling alcohol to underage people, they can face $10,000 per violation. If the offender repeats the crime, they can get suspended or get their liquor license taken away. It is also possible for licensees or employees who sell to minors, can be charged with a misdemeanor and they can even be arrested.

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