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Emmy Award winning actress Jane Lynch has conquered film, TV and Broadway, all of which she says she loves, but for now, she’s relishing in her concert tour “See Jane Sing.” Here, we talk to her about screen versus the stage and performing with a couple of her closest friends.

You’ve performed on stage and on screen. Is there one you prefer?

I started out on stage because I love performing live. And then I started to do TV and film and loved that, too. I honestly thought I wouldn’t want to go back to the stage until I did “Annie” on Broadway two summers ago. I got bitten by the bug again and now you can’t keep me off the stage!

What do you like about performing live?


I love the live audience. They are so much a part of the experience. It’s intimate and immediate. I don’t enjoy being alone on stage, though. I love bouncing off other people’s talents. I’m so lucky to have my good friends Kate Flannery and Tim Davis up there with me and the guys in our quintet are just amazing and wonderful.

What is it about “See Jane Sing” that gets you particularly excited?

Performing with my two friends Kate and Tim, plus the band is what gets me really excited. There are also a couple of numbers that when it’s time for them I get psyched. One is actually a rap. Yep, I’m rappin’ --- a rap tune on a set list that includes Irving Berlin.

Does being friends with Kate Flannery and Tim Davis make it easier to work together?

I’ve known Tim and Kate for a very long time, but this is the first time the three of us have performed together. It’s such a magical and damn fun experience to lock eyes with them out there on that stage. We love tight harmonies and have pretty good ears for it. We adore being on stage with each other, and I’ve been told you can tell.

What is your dream Broadway role?

I don’t really have goals or aspirations anymore. I find I do much better focusing on what’s right in front of me. It keeps me in the moment and firmly in the now, which when you think about it, is really the only place you can be.

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