Mayor Bill de Blasio signed legislation into law on Thursday to co-name a total ofAppleton/Mayoral Photography Office

Three NYPD officers who died in the line of duty, FDNY captains, and cultural icons who left their mark on the Big Apple are among a list of individuals who will have thoroughfares and public spaces co-named in their honor.

Mayor Bill de Blasio signed legislation into law on Thursday to co-name a total of 39 new streets and public spaces in honor of individuals, cultural icons and entities. Three previously co-named spaces and streets will also be changed due to technical reasons.

Among those honored are three police officers who passed away in the line of duty including Detective First Grade Randolph Holder who was killed last year; Police Officer Kenneth Anthony Nugent; and Police Officer Joseph Gillespie.

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Cultural icons that will be honored include former New York Knick Anthony Mason and painter and illustrator Normal Rockwell – who, after a push by Edward A. Reynolds West Side High School, will have a block of West 103rd Street near where Rockwell grew up, renamed after him.

As part of the co-namings, according to PIX11, part of Sedgewick Avenue in the Bronx — where some called the birthplace of hip hop — will officially be renamed Hip Hop Boulevard.

“From the brave individuals who lost their lives in the line of duty, to those who kept New York City culturally significant, these names will forever be a part of our city’s history,” de Blasio said.

The full list of names are below:

Detective First Grade Randolph Holder
Police Officer Kenneth Anthony Nugent
Police Officer Kevin Joseph Gillespie
School Security Agent Sandra P. Cranford
FDNY Captain James McDonnell
FDNY Captain John R. Graziano
Charles Lucania
Vincent Cangelosi
Carey Gabay
Ms. Aida Perez-Loiza Aldea
Edward F. Guida Sr.
Dr. Derrick E. Griffith
Reverend Clarence Norman Sr.
Sergeant Bobby Mendez
John Watusi Branch
Patrice T.C. Capo
Robert “PH” Diaz
Demetris Kastanas
Connor and Breandon Moore
Sergeant Donald B. Geisler
Anthony Manifold
Joseph DeNicola
Tanaya R. Copeland
Loretta Ruddock Smith
Reverend Dr. Jasper Simmons Place
Freddy Beras-Goico
Sidney Offerman
Reverend William E. Thompson
Robert S. Farrell and Donald H. Farrell
Roberta (Bobbie) Jacobowitz
John C. Flynn
Reverend Abner Bernard Duncan
Alfred J. Vigliante
Qadri Skipper
Norman Rockwell
Anthony Mason
Hip Hop Boulevard
Ragamuffin Way
Diversity Plaza
1783 Evacuation Day Plaza
Kips Bay Blvd.
Εθνικός Κήρυξ - National Herald Way

Police Officer Kenneth Anthony Nugent, FDNY Captain James McDonnell and Tanya R. Copeland are the amended co-named thoroughfares and public spaces.