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New York City weather is going to feel brutally hot this week. Photo: Pixabay

New York City weather is bringing the heat this week: A heat advisory has been issued as humidity is expected to make temperatures feel in the triple digits.

The National Weather Service has issued a NYC heat advisory in effect until 6 p.m. Wednesday.

A heat advisory is issued, the weather service explained, when the combination of heat and humidity is expected to make it feel like its 95 degrees or hotter for two or more consecutive days, or when the heat index hits 100 degrees or higher for any length of time.

New York City Weather: What the heat advisory means this week

“More of the same, very warm and humid,” forecasters wrote about Monday and Tuesday weather in New York City.


The heat advisory was in effect beginning Sunday, when New Yorkers experienced temps above the 90s, and relief isn’t coming right away.

On Monday, New York City weather was brutal again, with temperatures hitting a high near 95 degrees. Add in the humidity, and the heat index could have made it feel as high as 100 degrees by Monday afternoon, forecasters said.

Monday night temperatures dipped down a little bit, per the weather service, but on Tuesday, temps will climb again up to 91 degrees, and the humidity could make it feel more like 99 degrees during the day. 

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The NYC heat advisory was previously in effect until Tuesday evening,  but now has been extended through Wednesday, and New York City weather at the end of the week will definitely still be warm: Wednesday could see a high of 91 degrees with a heat index in the mid-90s; Thursday of up to 86 degrees and Friday a high near 87, per the weather service.

For some temporary relief from the NYC heat, there are a few chances for thunderstorms. Tuesday night comes with a 20 percent chance of showers and storms, and that bumps up to 40 percent on Wednesday evening.

To avoid the risks of the NYC heat advisory, the National Weather Service as well as New York City officials are warning people to use air conditioning at home or head to a NYC cooling center or somewhere else with air conditioning. Homes without air conditioning can reach hotter temperatures than the outside, officials said. 

The NYC heat advisory is dangerous to your health, so people should avoid strenuous activity and those with asthma should reduce “prolonged or heavy exertion outdoors.”

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