Maybe when you win gold medals, everyday is like Thanksgiving.Google Commons

Ryan Lochte thinks Yom Kippur is Canadian Thanksgiving, because Lochte.


Protestors across the country are telling Trump, “keep your tiny hands to yourself.” (NSFW)


And this naked Hillary statue, because equal rights, y’all.


Mooning a political yard sign and pointing a gun at it? This officer protects and serves his right to hate lawn ornamentation and Democrats.


Elon Musk postpones his mystery product announcement. We hope it’s a pony!


If Trump hated SNL this week, we're betting he won'tlike Michael Moore’s movie that debuts tonight.

Will Britain feel the Sanders burn and elect Larry?

Speaking of burn, Obama told Trump to “stop whining.”

Two tiny canine Davids scare off a grizzly Goliath.

This election is going so well and people are so happy with the options for the next POTUS that they said they would rather vote for mass extinction, basically.

Beyoncé might have upset people with her “Formation” performance at the Super Bowl this year, but this sheriff’s deputy killed it in a school gymnasiumwith his sweet moves.

Schilling had better hope the curse of the Bambino doesn’t follow him to the senate.

Was Hillary Clinton considering Bill Gates for vice president? Thanks to WikiLeaks, our burning question has been answered.

Scientists are falling in love with maggots all over again.

Turns out, JLo’s ex-boo with the new tattoo was dumped after he was caught stepping out on the singer. (Although, JLo and ex-hubby Marc Anthony were reportedly getting cozy in the studio last week!)

Looks like breakups are contagious.Tobey Maguire is a single man after nine years, so anyone dreaming of that upside down Spiderman kiss might still have hope.

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