New report says DNA evidence should not have ruled out JonBenet Ramsey’s family - Metro US

New report says DNA evidence should not have ruled out JonBenet Ramsey’s family

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Despite being one justice down, the Supreme Court plans to rule on the transgender bathroom law.

Speaking of the Supreme Court, aCatholic group recently honored “two great men — Antonin Scalia and St. John Paul II.”

So now when your friend posts his grandma’s obituary on Facebook, you can respond with a crying Frankenstein.

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DNA evidence in the JonBenet Ramsey casetells investigators that the family should not have been ruled out, a new report says.

Wereclassified emails from Hillary Clinton’s private serverfound on Clinton aide Huma Abedin’s, Anthony Weiner’s wife, computer?

And Erica Garner, daughter of Eric Garner who was killed during a confrontation with police, is not happyPodesta’s hacked emails talk about “using” her dad.

Will Ferrell brings back his Harry Caray impression. And that’s why his friends call him Whiskers.



Is “Trumpland” Michael Moore’sawkward attempt to talk to Trumpeters?

There is still fight left afterDakota Pipeline protestor arrests, the tribe said.

The book, “A President Shouldn’t Say That,” sparks anger in France and Hollende didn’t even say that he grabs them bythe p—y.

There won’t be a “Big Lebowski” sequel, but theCoen brothers aren’t against the idea of a spinoff.

No, Putin did not kill Mikhail Y. Lesin.Lesin was drunk and fell, prosecutors now say.

In unrelated Russian news,Russia lost its seaton the U.N.’s Human Rights Counsel.

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