VIDEO: ‘Stranger Things’ plus ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’ video might have won the internet – Metro US

VIDEO: ‘Stranger Things’ plus ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’ video might have won the internet

VIDEO: ‘Stranger Things’ plus ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’ video might

If you’re waiting for the next season of “Stranger Things” like a kid waiting for the rest of the house to wake up on Christmas morning, this was created especially for you.

Leigh Lahav, a Los Angeles resident who was raised in Israel, is your Santa. Metro spoke to the NYC-born artist via email about her top trending YouTube video, “A Stranger Things Christmas,” which has gotten more than 420,000 views so far.

Where did this idea come from?

I’ve been wanting to create something with “Stranger Things”, a show I enjoyed quite a lot! So I talked about it with a few film and TV lover friends, and one of ‘em, Naama Rak, an Israeli film critic, said: “Maybe Peanuts??” At first I disregarded the idea since it seemed like too much of a stretch. But upon hearing Noah Schnapp, the actor who played will byers, also voiced Charlie Brown in the latest Peanuts movie, the whole idea of Will Byers as a melancholic Charlie Brown who can’t shake the memories from the upside down started making a lot of sense!

When did you start makingfan fiction and parody videos?

I’ve always been very interested in fan creation, parody and art that responds to existing art. It was about three years ago that i started doing it regularly as videos on my YouTube channel!

I see a legion of names listed under the video. How did you meet your co-creators, the voice actors and the others involved?

hehe i don’t know if I’d say legion. I tend to prefer working with as few people as possible on these videos to give it a gentle not-too-scattered touch. My co-writer Oren Mendez is actually my husband, so there’s that! My background artists are a usual group of talented friends that get what I do, are fast and professional. When it comes to voice actors, I either work with folks I’ve worked with before or search around the web for talent.

True, perhaps “legion” wasn’t exactly accurate. Haha

Did you and Oren write the script or do the animation or both? It’s a really funny video. I love when he coughs up the worm!

Thank you! Oren and I write the script together, and after we’re pleased with it I close myself in my dark, cold, lonely animation chamber and work on everything else!

Have you gotten a response from anyone involved in the show?

Oh yes! On Twitter: the accounts of Netflix, “Stranger Things”, “Stranger Things” writers shared the video enthusiastically! Noah Schnapp (the actor who plays Will Byers) shared the video via Instagram and Twitter as well. It was pretty awesome.

What’s next for you?