The National Transportation Safety Board said Tuesday’s plane crash in Connecticut was “intentional” and the FBI is investigating.

Things justgot real for Note 7 owners. Samsung is sending fireproof packaging and gloves for Galaxy Note 7 returns.

When Donald Trump owned the Miss Universe Organization, he enjoyed walking into dressing rooms unannounced – rooms with underage girls getting changed – former contestants allege.

JLo and Marc Anthony are “family again” in a Snapchat video while working on a new album together.


Put down that Nutrisystem cookie dough bar. It's been recalled.

U.S. stocks didn’t change much after the Federal Reserve released insights to investors.

The CEO of Wells Fargo stepped down after a Congressional probe and lawsuits.

A top Clinton aide joked last year that the GOP would need “a dolly” to handle all of the former secretary of state’s emails.

Despite thinking O.J. Simpson was guilty of the murder of his ex-wife and her friend, Trump thought bringing the former football player on “The Apprentice” was a great idea. (SPOILER ALERT: NBC disagreed.)

Giuliani tells a fib saying Clinton was not at Ground Zero after 9/11.

Everyone take a big breath… Shia LaBeouf did not get married!

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