NYC weather to get soggy over the week – Metro US

NYC weather to get soggy over the week

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New Yorkers who bundled up for Friday’s temperature drop might want to keep umbrellas and rain boots on hand as wet weather makes a return for most of the coming week.

The National Weather Service said that the makings of a sunny Monday with expected highs in the upper 50s won’t last too long as clouds overtake in the evening, along with a chance of overnight rain.

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Tuesday will stay soggy throughout the day, with an expected quarter to half inch of rain compounded with 10 to 14 m.p.h. winds.

The skies will clear up slightly come Veteran’s Day on Wednesday, with temperatures staying in the 50s until another round of rain comes through for most of Thursday until that evening.

As soon as the the last bout of rain ends, meteorologists predict a largely sunny and clear weekend, with temperatures hovering between the mid 40s and 50s.