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OMG: Dog rescued after being buried alive

If you were looking for something to make you cry, this video of a dog that was buried alive being rescued by a crew of good samaritans might just do the trick.

The video, which of course comes out of Russia, shows people gathered around a brick walkway infront of a set of stairs. Having apparently heard barking coming from under the bricks the crew decide to dig and dig and dig until they found a dog and pulled him out from under the stairs.

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According to the New York Daily News the dog was a pregnant stray named Belka who had somehow found her way into a sinkhole. While Belka was in the hole it was covered by authorities who did not know the dog was in the hole.

“On Sept. 21, Vadim Rustam, a resident at the building, said he kept hearing a dog’s whining and barking, but didn’t know where it was coming from. When he realized it was coming from underground, he asked city officials to help rescue the pregnant dog and its unborn pups,” The Daily News reports.”After officials refused to dig another hole to save the soon-to-be mother pooch, Rustam decided to do it himself. Belka had been trapped in the hole for two days without any food and water.”

Take a look at the video of the rescue below:

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