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Oreo releases its best flavor yet

The limited edition red velvet Oreos hit stores Feb. 2.

Yesterday, Oreo announced that it has a big Valentine’s Day surprise: it is releasing red velet flavored Oreos with cream cheese frosting filling. The cookies hit stores Feb. 2, but here at Metro, we felt it was our duty as journalists to give them a taste test — it’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it — to tell you if they’re worth your money or not.

While October’s pumpkin Oreos were met with mixed reviews when we tried them, the red velvet flavor was liked by every single person who tasted them. Wheather you pull your Oreos apart and lick the frosting off or just gobble the whole thing down in two bites, it tastes good no matter how you eat ’em.

But while the good news is this new flavor is delicious, the bad news is they are only going to be on sale for a limited time. What a tease!

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