Our picks for 5 sunny patio dining experiences to enjoy in Boston – Metro US

Our picks for 5 sunny patio dining experiences to enjoy in Boston

Our picks for 5 sunny patio dining experiences to enjoy in Boston

It’s finally (kinda, sorta, mostly) warm enough to eat outside! Get yourselfto a restaurant with a patio, and enjoy that spring sunshine.

Bistro du Midi

272 Boylston St.

Life doesn’t get much better than eating a croque monsieur with a view of the Public Garden, does it? Or if you’re not quite in the mood for a full meal, try the fried artichokes with aioli. Plus, we once spotted “Parks and Recreation” star Retta here, so you never know when you might be dining with the stars.

Legal Harborside

270 Northern Ave.

For those who like options for their patio experience, try Legal Harborside, which is the flagship Legal location, and offers multiple floors, all with a view of the harbor. Try the roof deck, which is one of the biggest around, and enjoy a plate of sushi under the stars.

Eastern Standard

528 Commonwealth Ave.

We all know this is a prime spot to hit if you’re in the ‘hood for a Sox game and want something nicer than ballpark food. Why not grab a seat on the patio, which reopens in the spring? Plus, the menu is pretty varied, so if half your friends want a raw bar and the other half want Reubens, you’re all covered.

The Sinclair

52 Church St.

Chef Keenan Langlois is helping turn the Sinclair from just a concert venue into a pretty fine dining experience. While we’re big fans of the brunch options (get the quiche, seriously), you’ll probably be happy with the dinner options as well, and you might find a dinner special or two inspired by the bandplaying that night.

The Neighborhood Restaurant

25 Bow St., Somerville

One of the earliest staples of the Union Square, uh, neighborhood, this brunch spot has never heard of the concept of small portions. Locals know they serve the best cream of wheat you’ll ever have in your life, and the patio, which should reopen Mother’s Day, features a grapevine trellis over colorful tables. Plan ahead, though: there can be long waits, but they’ll serve pastries and coffee while you’re out there.