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People are freaking out over claims of a new Instagram privacy policy change

Instagram privacy change notice viral
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A note claiming to warn people of an Instagram privacy policy change is being shared over and over again across the social network. 

If you use Instagram you may have noticed a handful of the people you follow are posting an image of a paragraph that suggests Instagram is changing its terms and conditions to make all posts from all users public. The message also suggests that your posts could be used against you in court even if they have been deleted. The message urges users to reshare or post a copy of the note to show that you do not comply with the alleged Instagram privacy policy change and you are not giving Instagram permission to use share your photos or messages.
Some celebrities also shared the Instagram privacy policy note, which caused thousands of followers to also reshare it.
The alleged Instagram privacy policy notice looks starts like this: 
“Don’t forget tomorrow starts the new Instagram rule where they can use your photos. Don’t forget Deadline today!!! It can be used in court cases in litigation against you. Everything you’ve ever posted becomes public from today Even messages that have been deleted or the photos not allowed.”
The Instagram policy note goes on to explain that “Channel 13 News” talked about the change in Instagram’s privacy policy and suggests if users repost the note it denies Instagram permission to use your pictures.

New Instagram privacy policy change 2019 real or fake?

The recent Instagram policy change notice caused many people to share the note thinking they are denying the social network access of their posts.
While many people shared the notice including several celebrities, others questioned the validity of the Instagram policy notice.

Instagram privacy policy change note fake or real?

A version of this type of notice began spreading on Instagram and Facebook in 2012. Fact-checking website Snopes determined it was a hoax. The Facebook privacy policy message from 2012 is almost identical to the Instagram notice that’s being shared over and over again today.

If you’re still wondering if the latest Instagram privacy policy change warning is real or fake, then we’re here to report that it’s a hoax.

Trevor Noah posts paraody of Instagram Privacy Policy hoax

Trevor Noah, the host of The Daily Show, took the fake Instagram policy change notice and turned it into a joke. He posted a parody of the fake privacy note to his Instagram account.





Be safe my friends. The new Instagram law is coming now!

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John Mayer on Instagram privacy hoax

John Mayer sniffed out the hoax and also joined the fun by posting his version of the fake Instagram privacy policy post that went viral. 





For immediate dissemination

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MLB Cut 4 on Instagram privacy hoax

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IMPORTANT: Please read & share.

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There you have it. The next time one of your friends or family members posts the lengthy IG note urging others to spread the word, let them know it’s just another Internet hoax that went viral. And if you’re curious about Instagram’s current privacy policy, you can check out Instagram’s data policy page.

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