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PHOTO: Donald Trump portrait painted with menstrual blood

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Art. What is it? How can it be truly defined?
For instance, is art a portrait of Donald Trump painted with menstrual blood? Yes. In our books it sure is.
BitchMedia reports that the artist —an Oregon woman named Sarah Levy —painted it and plans to donate all proceeds from its sale to an immigrant rights organization.
“I did a base layer of his face using the tampon from that morning that I had saved, then used a paint brush and Q-tips dipped in vials of the blood from the DivaCup to paint the rest of it,” Levy said. “It’s basically like water coloring but with blood.”
Trump has painted himself as quite the nightmare for feminists, and has been swimming in scandal after he accused Megyn Kelly of being on her period when she grilled him during the first Republican debate, and for criticizing Carly Fiorina’s appearance as not that of a president.

"Whatever"Menses on matte boardgoal: sell and donate the money to an immigrants' rights organization(looks better...

Posted by Sarah Levy on Saturday, September 12, 2015

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