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PHOTOS, VIDEO: Gillette unveils special Avengers-inspired razors

Marvel comics and Gillette have found a way to team-up to create Avengers-themed razors. The new razors were unveiled during a press conference held at World Shaving Headquarters in South Boston on Thursday.

In the short film created to promote these new shavers, the narrator lets us know “shaving is being rebuilt with Avengers-inspired technology.” The inspiration for the superhero razors comes from Gillette’s popular Fusion ProGlide ball system.

The four new razors will take on the likeness and characteristics of four Marvel superheroes, Captain America, Iron Man Thor and The Hulk.

Each razor has it’s own “superpower” with one goal in mind: to obliterate unwanted facial hair.

In a report by the Boston Globe, the razors will releases sometime in the next few weeks close to the May 1 release date of the Avengers movie.

Check out the video below to see all the powers of the new Gillette razors with Avengers-inspired technology.

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