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Sleep-inspired Dream Machine opens a portal to a fantasy world

Reality is a drag, right? Between gravity and not being able to touch clouds and washing machines we can’t ride inside. To cater to our desire to live in the infinitely more fun world our minds create while we sleep, there’s now the Dream Machine.

The two-month pop-up promises to be “an immersive experience bringing our most surreal and magical dreams to life.” Well, at least the kind that can be fulfilled in Williamsburg anyway (though the pop-up is expected to go on tour as well!)

The Dream Machine is meant to be a restorative experience for your brain through a series of 10 sleep cycle-inspired rooms that’s meant to embody a “state of being.”


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The one-hour experience is meant to recapture the “weird, beautiful and whimsical places” our minds go when we dream.

Instagram isn’t sharing all the details, but they did give a sneak peek into a few of the rooms:

You enter through a room called On Cloud 9, passing among “dream misters” into a piece of the sky to feel like you’re “floating” with puffy clouds.

The fourth room, Spin Cycle, is a neon-bright laundromat where you’re the one being twisted and turned as you step through a washer door into a “galactic infinity room experience.”

The eighth space is not merely a room: Rainbow Hall is an ethereal garden with a wishing well where you can share your dreams and hopes.

Beats the heck out of staring at avocado toast and wondering if lavender hair would suit your complexion, right?

The Dream Machine will be open April 5-May 31 from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. at 93 N. Ninth St., and a visit will run you $38. Tickets are on sale now.