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Small Talk: If Aubrey Plaza wasn’t an actress, she’d be a witch or a bagpipe player

Aubrey Plaza Ingrid Goes West LA Premiere

When we chatted with Aubrey Plaza for her latest effort — the very dark, very funny and very genuine “Ingrid Goes West” — we also asked her a lightning round of questions that covered everything from witchcraft (of course) to avocado toast. Here’s what the very funny, very warm actress had to say about that, and everything else. 

Do you ever get mistaken for Drake since you both have the same first name?

Every day of my life. 

Lana del Rey cast a spell on Donald Trump. Did you also?

Yes. 100%.

Do you even like avocado toast?

Yes, I had it for lunch today. They have it on the menu here. Random coincidence.

Is it a coincidence?

I don’t know. Nothing is real.

Instagram or Twitter?


Speaking of Instagram, who is your #WCW?

Catherine Keener. Just been thinking about her a lot.

TV or movies?


Do you have a favorite comedian?

Well Louis C. K. is always my favorite. Yeah. But I’ve been getting into Gil Azeri’s Snapchat. Have you seen that? I think they’re making a show out of it now because it’s so funny.

If you weren’t an actor what would you be?

I would be a witch? No. I would be a horseback riding instructor. But I don’t know how to ride a horse.

Sorry, I’m getting really distracted by this bagpipe playing outside.

OK, I would be a bagpipe player.

Social: media good or bad?


What’s your favorite curse word?

F—k.  Which I said ten times on f—king “Fallon” on accident. Which is another thing I do when i’m nervous. Say f—k.

Favorite cocktail?

Ooh. I would probably have to go with an old fashioned. I’m a whiskey, bourbon kind of girl.

You should try a rum old fashioned. They’re really good. 

What! OK. 

Favorite New York restaurant?

For nostalgic reasons Veselka, because I used to live right there and it’s comforting. Russ and Daughters. Any Mario Batali restaurant is OK for me too.

OK, that’s it.

You’re not going to ask me anything controversial?

Uh, what are your thoughts on Chris Pratt and Anna Faris?

Oh. No.

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