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Smart lunchbox monitors your meals

Smart lunchbox monitors your meals
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It can be incredibly difficult to follow a diet when you’re constantly eating out. Thankfully, a new ‘smart’ lunchbox is designed to help you plan, prepare and track the nutritional value of your lunches. The Prepd Pack, which is paired with its own healthy eating app, monitors the calories of any dish. The modular system includes magnetic cutlery and a selection of leak-proof containers. The San Francisco-based Chris Place, co-creator of the Prepd Pack, explains why this gadget is a lunchtime game-changer.

Why did you create Prepd?

We started Prepd to make healthy living easier through good design and considered user experiences. Prepd Pack is our first product and focuses on lunch. Everybody knows that taking lunch is the best way to control what you eat, save money and do your bit for the environment. However, most people find taking lunch quite difficult. Prepd Pack addresses the barriers that make it so hard and turn the whole experience into a positive one.

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What features make this lunchbox so unique?

What is unique about Prepd Pack is that it considers every stage of the process from planning what you eat and preparing the food through to eating and tracking your nutritional intake. It’s designed to help people make sustainable lifestyle changes.

How does this Prepd Pack work?

Prepd is a system of modular containers, a beautiful bamboo and silicone carry case and an app which helps you plan what you want to eat for the week ahead. Plus, it can come up with shopping lists, help you cook and track your nutritional intake. Many of our backers are buying multiple sets of containers to prep for days in advance so that they can batch cook in one sitting and get prepared for the week ahead.

What other features could Prepd offer in the future?

For now we are focused on making the Prepd Pack and the app great. There are certainly lots of opportunities for the future but for now we are concentrating on delivering Prepd Pack to our backers.

When will you be launching the product?

The product will go to market after we ship to our backers in June. The recommended pricewill be $70.

– By Daniel Casillas