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Sofia Vergara ‘didn’t want to go out with’ Joe Manganiello

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They may be enjoying a whirlwind romance — getting engaged after just six months of dating, but it turns out Sofia Vergara initially put up some resistance to Joe Manganiello’s advances. “At the beginning I didn’t want to go out with him. Because I had just finished a relationship,” she tells Ellen DeGeneres during an interview. “He seemed like a lot of work because so handsome and younger than me and, like, so sexy and whatever best bachelor or whatever he was.”

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(For the record, he was Hollywood’s Hottest Bachelor,” according to People magazine, but we get her point.) “And I’m like, ugh,” she admits. “Just too much! But he convinced me. He flew to New Orleans and forced me on a date.” Note to other single men: This tactic is only not creepy and questionable if you’re Joe Manganiello.

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