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Starbucks cold foam is here, but WTF is that anyway?

starbucks cold foam
Photo: Courtesy of Starbucks

What do Starbucks and Oreo have in common? OK, other than the sugar counts in their top-selling treats. Both companies know that people love what’s new, and they’re keeping us all continuously excited by new releases. The latest from the Seattle-based coffee giant is the Starbucks cold foam. But what TF is that anyway, and does it taste better than it sounds?

Starbucks cold foam is being promoted on two of their drinks: the Cold Foam Cascara Cold Brew and Cold Foam Starbucks Blonde Iced Cappuccino. But this new addition isn’t so new after all. They’ve been dabbling with the topping since 2014.

So, what is Starbucks cold foam?

You know how your cappuccino comes with a frothy layer on the top? It’s the same idea as that, except in the case of the cappuccino it’s hot frothed milk, whereas Starbucks cold foam is (as the name suggests) created by frothing your milk when it’s cold with a special blender. This blending technique is good for “creating layers of creamy texture and flavor without the cream,” Starbucks explains.

It’s the perfect topping for your iced coffee drinks as we head into the steamy summer months. And though the Starbucks cold foam is being promoted with the two specific drinks mentioned above, you can ask your barista to add a dollop of delicious foam on top of any of your iced coffee drinks. They even have special lids for your drinks to ensure you can actually enjoy this topping instead of ruining it with a straw.

starbucks cold foam on cappuccino

What milk do they use for Starbucks cold foam?

Starbucks has consistently rolled out milk alternatives after they figure out the logistics of handling allergies in their cafes, which is why you can now get your lattes and cappuccino made with everything from 2% milk to an almond or coconut non-dairy alternative. The Starbucks cold foam is an exception to this rule, though. It’s made exclusively with nonfat milk.

So what can you expect from Starbucks cold foam?

If you’re up on coffee trends — and you probably are, you Starbucks addict, you — you’ve already dabbled in nitro. So, you know how the tiny nitrogen bubbles in that style of cold brew makes the coffee taste slightly sweet and gives it a sultry, velvet-like texture? Yeah, that’s what this foam is like, except it floats on top of your iced treat like a delicious little cloud.



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Get a good look at that light-but-luscious foam in the Instagram shot above. If you’re determined to try the new treat, put in a quick call to your local Starbucks. Although Starbucks cold foam is relatively easy to find, offerings do differ between locations — and you don’t want to get there just to find out it’s not available.


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