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Starbucks Happy Hour today is making your beverage wishes come true

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It’s hot, then it’s cold. Do you need an umbrella? It’s yes, then it’s no. You’re in, then you’re out (of the AC). The weather right now is basically the Katy Perry song, which makes it hard to figure out whether it’s hot or it’s cold, your drink order, that is. Good thing Starbucks Happy Hour today is solving that problem by offering discounts on the one drink that you’d probably order no matter what the weather looks like — because it’s basically a dessert.

We hope your nearest Starbucks location has inside and outside seating since the weather is so fickle. But no matter what Mother Nature has in store, the queen of coffee chains — Starbucks has to be a she since the logo is a mermaid, guys — is making your afternoon or evening a little sweeter. No, you can’t control whether the weather changes on a dime, but you can save yourself some coin at Starbucks Happy Hour today.

The brewer’s weekly promotion is quickly becoming a summertime staple. If you haven’t taken them up on the delicious deals yet, this week is the time to do it. The Starbucks Happy Hour today is sure to please almost every palate — but you do have to sign up. You have two options for getting the code that strikes dollars from your drink total, and they’re both absurdly easy. We broke them each down in the guide we pulled together on how to get involved with Starbucks Happy Hour.

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Starbucks Happy Hour today is one sweet deal

So what discount is the coffee chain offering up for Starbucks Happy Hour today? That would be the fan favorite Frappuccino, for half the price. Or, as we choose to think about it, as BOGO Frappuccinos. You’re an adult, you can drink two of the luscious blended beverages if you feel like it. Just make sure your drink is a Grande or Venti in order to get the discount.

Just make sure you know when happy hour is for Starbucks before heading out. Even if you have the code, it’s not going to work if you’re there before the promotion kicks in. Remind your barista that you want to use your discount before they ring you up and, yes, spread the love by leaving them a tip.

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