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Starbucks Happy Hour today is extra sweet

starbucks happy hour today

Coffee drinkers fall into two groups: serious caffeine addicts who love their drink strong and those who like things a little sweeter (and never say no when the barista asks whether they want whipped cream). Say what you want about Starbucks, but they cater to both camps. But Starbucks Happy Hour today has one half of coffee sippers in mind.

By now you’re well aware of this discounted drink program that the coffee giant has running each week. If you still haven’t taken them up on the offer, make sure you have the code so you can cash in today. Not sure how to do that? We have you covered in our guide to Starbucks Happy Hour that explains the two easy ways anyone can get involved.

But now down to business. So what does the bean behemoth have brewing for you during Starbucks Happy Hour today?

What drink is discounted during Starbucks Happy Hour today?

Remember those two coffee-drinking camps? Well today’s all about those who love the sweeter things in life — like sugary drinks and saving money. You’ll get a taste of both today as long as you’re signed up to participate in the promotion. This one’s going out to you, Frappuccino lovers, because you can get a grande of the frosty drink for just $3 starting at 3 p.m.

starbucks happy hour today frappuccino

It’s the perfect time to enjoy one of the blended beverages, too. Not only are the temperatures just right for something icy in the afternoon, but Starbucks also has a couple new Frappuccinos on the menu that you need to get a sip of, stat. Just make sure you’re ordering one of the drinks the barista blends for you and not the bottles, which are not part of the drink deal.

So swing by this afternoon and make the start of your weekend a little bit sweeter.