Subway sex crimes see drastic increase: NYPD – Metro US

Subway sex crimes see drastic increase: NYPD

Subway sex crimes see drastic increase: NYPD
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Subway sex crimes have seen a nearly 20 percent increase this year as police list sexual touching, lewd behavior and voyeurism as the most common offenses.

According to the NYPD, a greater number of gropers, flashers and voyeurs on the city’s subwayhave led to an increase of 106 reported incidents compared to last year, to nearly 700 total, the Evening Standard reported. Since July, the rate of offenses has more than doubled.

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NYPD Deputy Chief Vincent Coogan said that the rising number of complaints and arrests is due to passengers taking cellphone photos of perpetrators, according to the New York Post.Roger Reid, a Level 3 sex offender with 31 previous arrests, was again arrested this month because a victim took his photo.

“Many of these crimes come to light when officers observe elements of a crime and intervene,” Coogan told the Post.

By late July, subway sex crimes increased by around 7.5 percent compared to last year, the Post reported, but newer figures indicate that the rate has now jumped to more than 17 percent.

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Jodi Galan, of Woodside, Queens, said that the increase does not surprise her.

“It’s because these perverted guys grow up entitled and think nothing will happen to them. When I see a police officer, I tell them if some guy is staring at me. I don’t take chances,” she was quoted in the Post.