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The 2014 Gossip Round-up, Part I

Ah, January 2014. Were we ever so young? As the year draws to a close, we’re taking a quick look back at what all those helpful anonymous sources around Hollywood were promising us was going down behind the scenes and see what we thought was important, who was misbehaving and how the predictions panned out. First up, a look at the matrimonial plans of the rich and famous. Hope springs eternal, though some relationships prove to be pretty temporary.

Johnny Depp left a 14-year marriage-free relationship with Vanessa Paradis and basically turned around and proposed to girlfriend Amber Heard, whom he’d been dating for about a year. Things might not be going so well, as the couple has been plagued by breakup rumors leading into the holidays. At the same time, other sources have been predicting a New Year’s Eve wedding for them. At least we’ll know if that one’s true soon enough.

“American Horror Story” co-stars Evan Peters and Emma Roberts followed up a headline-grabbing hotel room fight in Montreal late last year that left Peters bruised with news that they are planning to get married. Kids these days. So now that we’re a year on, how are things going? Appropriately volatile, considering the couple in question. While they both professed to be enjoying being engaged in May, they reportedly got physical with each other again with a massive fight at Comic-Con in July. And earlier this month, more talk of strife and chaos from the “American Horror Story” set hit the press, with sources telling OK! Magazine that the cast is fed up with the couple’s constant ping-ponging between public make-out sessions and screaming matches. Honestly, this one is up in the air.

Robin Wright kicked off 2014 with a Golden Globe win and an engagement announcement, declaring that she would be marrying longtime boyfriend Ben Foster, whom she met while filming “Rampart” in 2011. Well, that’s what she was planning to do anyway. The couple called off their engagement — and their relationship all together — in November. Conflicting schedules and a 14-year age difference were the culprits, according to Us Weekly. “The gap just ended up being too much,” a source says. “Ben was kind of immature. She couldn’t deal with him anymore.”

Just days in 2014, magician David Copperfield told Hello! Magazine that he and French model Chloe Gosselin were tying the knot. But in true Copperfield fashion, the couple has done something of a disappearing act since then, with no further mentions of them in the press since the initial announcement. Copperfield’s been too busy showing up on “The Amazing Race,” speaking at tech conferences and settling lawsuits over overtime pay with some of his Las Vegas employees to think wedding plans.

On-again, off-again “The Voice” judge Christina Aguilera broke her engagement news herself, revealing on Twitter that longtime boyfriend Matt Rutler had popped the question on Valentine’s Day. The couple first met while he worked as a production assistant on her film “Burlesque.” So, 10 months later, how are things going? Well, while they haven’t found time to actually have a big, fancy wedding, the couple did welcome their first child, a daughter, in August. And Aguilera will be back on “The Voice” as a judge for its eighth season.

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