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The best Halloween candy & beer pairing

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Halloween is finally here, and there’s nothing better than digging into your kids Halloween candy or enjoying the leftovers from trick or treaters. To amp up your Halloween celebrations, try adding some brews to the mix. We all know, there’s nothing like opening cold beer after a long day, so why not pair your favorite brew with your favorite sweet for the ultimate treat? 

GoPuff shared their best beer and Halloween candy pairings with Metro. GoPuff is a Philly-based company that acts as a virtual convivence or grocery store. Sit back, relax, and don’t forget to take some notes as we share the best Halloween candy and beer pairings: 

Trolli Sour Bite Crawlers and IPA

An IPA brings a bitter floral flavor, which pairs perfectly with sour snacks. The intenseness of the sour candy needs something equally intense like the hoppy flavors of the IPA to balance the pairing. 

goPuffs pairing: Troegs Perpetual IPA

Sour Patch Kids and Pilsner 

Sour Patch Kids can be an intense bite, we all know how it feels after you’ve eaten a full pack and the best way to recover is by refreshing your palette with a pilsner. The carbonation and refreshing flavors will help clear your palette. 

goPuffs pairing: Vault Teller Pils

Gushers and Cider

As great as a bar of chocolate is, sometimes you just need a pack of gushers. The zesty and tangy flavor of gusher’s pairs great with a tart, dry apple cider. This combination will leave you daydreaming. 

goPuffs pairing: Downeast 

Nerds Rope and American Lager

The malty, sweetness of an American lager pairs perfectly with the fruity flavors found in the Nerds rope. This combination will leave you feeling like there was a party in your mouth.

goPuffs pairing: Love City Lager

Hershey’s Cookies n Crème bar and Pale Ale 

Since these bars are a little on the sweeter side, a pale ale will help you clear your palette, so you can continue to enjoy the sweetness of a Hershey’s Cookies n Crème bar. It should come as no surprise that pale ales with bright hops and toasty malts are the world’s most food-friendly beer. 

goPuffs pairing: Yards Pale Ale 

Kit Kat and Brown Ale

The chocolatey wafers combined with brown ale’s coffee yeast and caramel undertones make this a winning combo. The malty flavor of the brew really brings together this pairing. 

goPuffs pairing: Black Hog Granola Brown 

Twix and Hefeweizen + White Beer 

Picture this, a smooth, creamy chocolatey and caramel treat paired with a wheat beer… name a better duo, I dare you! This life-changing combination showcases the clove and banana flavors of a wheat beer, which pair wonderfully with the shortbread flavors of Twix. 

goPuffs pairing: Allagash 

Snickers and Milk Stout 

If you’re team salty and sweet, this combination will be a dream come true for you. A milk stout has a wonderful creaminess and chocolatiness to it making it a perfect way elevate your Snickers. 

goPuffs pairing: Licking Hole Creek Heir Apparent 

Reese’s and Porter

Porters are dark, have a roasty finish, and often have chocolate notes to them, making it a decedent pairing with the delicious flavors in a chocolate peanut butter cup. This combo will leave you feeling like you’re on top of the world. 

goPuffs pairing: Evil Genius Purple Monkey Dishwasher

If you out of beer or candy, you can also order it on GoPuff.