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The Grumble: Readers sound off on NYC, Philly subway problems

The Grumble
The MTA subway ... on a good day. Photo Credit: Getty Images

Welcome to The Grumble! Each week we will be collecting submissions from you — our readers — on what things annoy and vex your day in and day out. Today, we have collected some of the best submissions we have received and published in our print edition regarding horrible subway problems. If you would like to have your chance to sound off on the Grumble soapbox, send us your submissions to grumble@metrous.com.  

The Grumble: Horrible SEPTA and Subway Problems

Navigating your cramped and messy commute in the morning can be more of a struggle than your actual nine-to-five. It has been reported that the average person will spend one-hour each day total commuting to and from work each day. That’s around 261 hours a week lost to staring ahead blindly at one fixed spot on your subway car or sardine can-like bus as the monotonous horrors quietly unfold all around you. If this sounds like your every day reality, take comfort in knowing that you are not the only one. Here are some confessions from some of your fellow Metro readers on today’s The Grumble regarding subway problems… 

Space on the subway!

I don’t understand why men have to take up every available space as much as possible in the subway. When a man sits not only do they man-spreading they also slouch in the seat. When they slouch, their shoulder goes into MY space and now their knees extend more out not allowing people to stand there. I’m also seeing more men put their hands in their pants pocket, so now their elbow is spread out taking more space than necessary. Why should a person sit more comfortable while I’m making myself as small as possible to fit into the seat? Also when a man is standing and holding on to the railing, they hold with two hand and spread them wide as possible. This causes the people standing next to him to lean away from him. People also need to stop crossing their legs in the subway when it packed. When you cross your legs it sticks out which then brushes against other people legs and it takes up more space not allowing people to stand there. As for women they need to stop putting their purse on the seat next to them. Your purse is not that important that it needs its own seat. Put it in your lap. 

By lIsa M., Metro New York reader 


Eating on the Subway 

My pet peeve is people who eat on the subways . I don't mean bagels or donuts. I mean a main course. I was in the train recently and there was a lady with her husband and three children. They were each eating a McDonalds meal of nuggets, burgers and french fries. It was rush hour and they took a whole row so they can put their food next to them. The whole train car reeked of food and there was food on the floor. People please be considerate especially at rush hour when people are tired and the last thing they need is to stand up and smell food on the way home.

Jose Quinones, Metro New York Reader 


And the same goes for those riding the SEPTA in Philly... 

Subway problems

The SEPTA line in Philly. Photo Credit: Getty Images. 

The SEPTA is so dirty! 

How should I put this? Our beloved city is better than this !!! What image do we project to visitors if the trains that bring them from the airport look like this?
I understand that SEPTA is investing in upgrades, etc. etc. but cleaning is basic, it is civilized, it is public health after all.

We - the long-suffering commuters have given up complaining about the conditions (combined with outrageous continuously rising prices) but an effort could be made for the visitors at least.

Mariana Boletta, Metro Philly reader 

What are some of the subway problems that you experience on your daily commute? Remember to send us your submisssions to grumble@metro.us to join the conversation. 

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