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The Hobbit: Let’s talk about Lee Pace’s Battle-Moose

A lot of colorful characters contribute to the titular Battle of the Five Armies in the final “Hobbit” film, with countless humans, dwarves, elves and orcs clanging swords and screaming bloody murder. But amid the din, one clear MVP shines through, one stalwart iconoclast worthy of his own spin-off franchise. That character? Lee Pace’s Battle-Moose. Pace’s noble Elf king, Thranduil, proudly rides into battle on the noblest and most magnificent of beasts, which I have dubbed his Battle-Moose.

OK, yes, so it’s actually technically a Elven elk, but Battle-Moose is more fun to say than Battle-Elk. And acknowledging that it’s an elf riding an elk just feels too cutesy. The important part is the battling, anyway. This noble beast in action is definitely the highlight of the film. Oh, and we’re clearly not the first to get onboard the Battle-Moose love train, as the noble creature is very popular onTumblr, and it already has aFacebook pageand aTwitter account.

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