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The meaning behind Vantablack Warship

Vantablack Warship
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Hardcore mentalband Vantablack Warship is getting a lot of buzz right now with the release of their self-titled six-song EP (coming out October 9). With songs like, “Irreversible Kill” and “From Silents to Haunting Possessions,” the music is on the darker side and not for the faint of heart.

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The five-person band hails from Montreal and the members have been plucked from other successful thrash bands such as Les Ekorches, Ghoulunatics and Arseniq33.

But what exactly does ‘Vantablack Warship mean’? While the band hasn’t publically talked about why they came to name their band Vantablack Warship, what we do know is that “vantablack” is the blackest substance in known existance and is capable of absorbing 99.9 percent of radiation. Interestingly enough, the band has a song on their EP called “The 99%.”

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What we can glean based on the definition of “vantablack” is that you can expect some super dark lyrics and music from the band, which they do indeed deliver with on the EP. And seeing as how a warship is essentially a weapon-loaded ship, we can gather that they’re ready for war, metaphorically.

Vantablack Warship’s self-titled EP comes out October 6.

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