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The top 20 signs of ‘adulting’

The top 20 signs of ‘adulting’

Things aren’t so simple now. What would once be considered “adulthood” is now delayed, disfigured and straight up disorienting. In fact, a new study shows just how different people’s perceptions are as far as what “adulting” truly means.

Farm Rich examined how different generations perceive adulthood, specifically studying Millennials, Baby Boomers, Gen Xers, and Gen Zers. The study came about thanks to an interest in how young people view the transition to adulthood, and how times have changed with this whole idea of adulting, according to Farm Rich Marketing Director Shannon Gilreath, adding “The findings in this study are both funny and true.”

The first thing that the study found was that Millennials think you need to be a full-on adult at 26, whereas Baby Boomers said 31 was the magic age.

Another interesting point in the survey is that men are considered adults at age 26, whereas respondents thought women reached adulthood at 23. 

The survey shared the top signs of “adulting,” and the number one response across all generations was “having a budget.” Fifty-five percent of the 2,000 surveyed said this was the number one sign of being an adult. Although having a budget was the top sign of adulting, another study done by debt.com reported that only 67 percent of those surveyed actually had one. 

Fifty-four percent of all participants said the next big step when it comes to adulting is buying a house.

Coming in third place is “filing your own taxes” with 52 percent of people saying it’s a peak sign of adulting, though let’s be real, folks of all ages know the struggle of tax season. According to an article in The New York Post, 57 percent of people are not confident when it comes to understanding taxes. 

Other non-shocking list toppers including investing in a 401K and drinking wine. 

Find out how much an adult you are below, by checking out the top 20 signs of adulting: 

1.  Having a budget- 55 percent 

2.  Buying a house – 54 percent

3.  Filing your own taxes – 52 percent

4.  Understanding and monitoring your credit score- 48 percent

5.  Investing in your 401(k)- 46 percent

6.  Doing your own laundry- 43 percent

7.  Scheduling regular doctors’ appointments- 38 percent 

8.  Making a list to take when going to the grocery store- 35 percent

9.  Cooking dinner most of Monday through Friday- 33 percent

10. Watching the nightly news – 31 percent

11. Changing the bed sheets regularly – 31 percent

12. Reading the newspaper- 29 percent

13. Hosting dinner parties or gatherings with friends- 29 percent

14. Buying a sensible pair of shoes- 27 percent

15. Making the bed every morning- 26 percent 

16. Drinking wine – 26 percent

17. Using coupons – 25 percent

18. Getting excited about a Saturday night staying in – 25 percent 

19. Starting the morning with coffee, lots- 23 percent 

20. Taking something out of the freezer to “defrost” – 22 percent