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‘The Walking Dead’ recap: Episode 6, ‘Consumed’

This dynamic duo had a busy episode together.
Gene Page, AMC

And in a total departure from last week’s “The Walking Dead” recap, today we focused solely on Carol and Daryl. Has a nice rhyme to it, right? This episode also contains several flashbacks of Carol Peletier’s past. In fact, that’s how it begins. Carol is taking off in a station wagon by herself after Rick banishes her from the prison.

Then we are switched back to present time and instead of driving a vehicle away solo, she is riding in the passenger’s seat alongside Daryl as they attempt to locate and rescue Beth. The tension grows as the car they are following comes to a stop and continues to head more towards the city.

Carol and Daryl slip inside a building to find shelter but before they can get any shut-eye, they hear the bang of walkers trying to get inside.

The city is still and silent, except for the snarls of walkers. It’s a post-apocalyptic obstacle course — charred and uncertain, with danger lurking behind every door and corner. Daryl distracts the zombies with flames as he and Carol continue on their quest.

They’re forced to squeeze through an unchained door due to an unexpected number of zombie campers. This allows Noah, Beth’s buddy, who is played by Tyler James Williams, to catch Carol and Daryl off guard. He forces them to lay down their weapons, which he then steals. When Carol tries to shoot him, Daryl smacks her hands and the bullet ricochets off the floor.

I’m an adrenaline junkie, but I would’ve passed on this stunt with Melissa McBride and Norman Reedus. They find themselves in a crowd of walkers and they hop in a van, which is dangling off a bridge. Bravely they take the plunge with it, falling to escape the fate of becoming walker chow. You know you’re in a true zombie apocalypse when they are raining down on you with blood trickling down the windshield.

Carol suffers a shoulder injury — apparently she didn’t heed the warning to keep her hands and arms inside the ride at all times. Some people just learn the hard way.

Ironically they catch up with Noah, who stole their weapons, and Daryl wants to leave him trapped under a fallen bookcase. But just when a zombie is about to take a bite out of Noah’s neck, Daryl domes it. Then, his connection to Beth comes out.

The real question we should ask ourselves after this episode is: Who knew you needed a crossing guard during a zombie apocalypse? Carol gets struck by the hospital crew’s car, and is carried away via gurney. I’ve never witnessed a hit and save until now. It gives a whole new meaning to the saying, ‘Look both ways before you cross the street.’

The episode ends with Daryl and Noah driving off to get more manpower to rescue Beth and, now, Carol. Clearly a new war is brewing, and a battle will be fought. Get your tickets now for the mostly prison posse vs. the hospital coalition. Who will come out victorious? May the odds be ever in the prison packs’ favor.

Grade: B- (Let’s pick up the pace for the next one)

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