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These protein powders are based on your favorite cereals, and now you can get 40% off

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Protein powders and shakes used to be chalky concoctions that only bodybuilders and athletes needed. Now, they’re not only common dietary supplements but also taste a whole lot better, partly due to the increase in demand. In case you haven’t checked around, you can now get the supp in flavors that mimic almost any dessert you’re craving — and one brand has even launched a cereal series, inspired by those beloved childhood breakfasts. Still, it does tend to make a dent on your wallet. Good thing Metro knows where to get protein powder for cheap.

Cereal is having a moment — as is protein in everything from cookies to mac and cheese — so it’s only natural that a company put them together. So if you’re looking to get slim or swole, you can turn to Muscle Sport instead of one of those cereal bars popping up in big cities to get a healthier fix for your craving. Muscle Sport boasts an entire “Cereal Series” on protein powders that includes Crispy Cookie Cereal (Cookie Crisp), Jacked Apple Crisp (Apple Jacks), Lean Charms (Lucky Charms) and newly launched CinnaCrunch (Cinnamon Toast Crunch).

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It’s worth mentioning that they’re not the only ones combining the two into one delicious product. Quest, known mostly for their bars (although they recently launched both protein cookies and protein tortilla chips), also launched a Cinnamon Crunch protein powder that’s studded with small pieces of the sweetly-spiced cereal. Though they come in the same flavor, the Quest and Muscle Sport protein powders have one big difference: the price point. Quest’s only comes in a 2-pound canister and will set you back $39.99, while 2 pounds of the Muscle Sport will cost you $70 and the 5-pound tub is an eye-popping $119.

We don’t blame you if you’re not ready to drop this kind of dough, even in the same of building huge biceps with the most delicious shakes possible. Luckily, there’s a solution to getting protein powder for cheap if you have your eye on one of these flavors.

How to get cereal-inspired protein powder for cheap

Don’t give up on Muscle Sport just yet. They offer the widest range of cereal-inspired protein powders, and now there’s a way to stock up for slightly less. The foodstagrammer @junkbanter recently reviewed their CinnaCrunch protein powder, but was open about the sticker shock they had about the cost. Muscle Sport heard their complaint, and did something amazing: offered a way to get the protein powder for cheap. We’re talking a sizeable protein powder discount here.

If you want to try one of their cereal-inspired protein powders, simply enter the code “JUNKBANTER” at checkout to receive 40% off your order — plus free shipping. That brings their 5-pound tub down to the price of their 2-pound tub. It’ll still cost you more than their competitor, but their competitor also doesn’t have protein powder inspired by Cookie Crunch, Apple Jacks or Lucky Charms. Plus, when it comes to getting protein powder for cheap, a discount that’s almost 50% off is nothing to sniff at. Did we mention that Lean Charms also has marshmallow pieces in it?



Since we’re all just putting cereal in whatever the f*ck these days, thank you @teammusclesport for sending me their CinnaCrunch Lean Whey – protein powder with real cinnamon crunch cereal pieces in it! A bunch of you asked, so review below ?? —— With 24g protein for 120 cals, ratios are on point with what I like. Consistency is great as it mixes nice and creamy with just water (also my preference). Taste is good-to-great; think PEScience’s Snickerdoodle but a little less spice and more sugar. I could see the sucralose bite being too much for some. The cereal pieces? Yeah, I mean whatever… something to chew on while you drink a protein shake lol. I guess it would be like adding whey protein to the bottom of your cereal bowl (I’M IN). —— Overall, I def enjoy this but not as much as their more unique flavors like Lean Charms (Lucky Charms) and Jacked Apple Crisp (Apple Jacks). But to address the big elephant in the room not named Junk Banter, their asking price is absurd. This 5 lb tub sells for $119 on their website and a 2 lb tub is $70. I wouldn’t dare recommend you pay that asking price for this, so @teammusclesport just set up promo code JUNKBANTER for 40% off + free shipping in response to my criticism. I receive nothing for any purchases made, but at the price you might want to check them out. (Lean Charms has cereal marshmallows in it. Just saying…)

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But what about the nutrition, you might be wondering. Muscle Sport uses micro-filtered whey isolate, which is just another way to say, you’ll see a solid amount of protein and few carbs per scoop. Despite the sweetly inspired flavors, each serving packs only 0.5 gram sugar and 5 grams of carbs, which come from the non-nutritive sweetener used (sucralose) and alkalized cocoa powder in the chocolate-based flavors. They also add l-carnitine and CLA to the mix for the potential fat-burning benefits.

No word on how long they’re offering this discount through the popular Instagram account, so jump on the protein powder for cheap deal and stock up while you can. And, no, @junkbanter doesn’t get anything if you use their code to buy some cereal-inspired protein powder; they’re just a delicious food lover like you, trying to get us all a protein powder discount, AKA a modern-day hero.