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Thief stole money from charity’s donation jar


Police are on the hunt for a man who allegedly stole money in a charity donation jar and was caught on tape in the act.

“He put it in a black bag,” store owner Sean Gannem told the Lowell Sun, who also said the thief who took the jar filled with about $30 was a panhandler. “He asked the cashier something and he took it.”

The theft happened on Sunday, but the owner explained that he didn’t realize it was gone until the following day. Police were later notified when the owner recognized the man in the video when he spotted him panhandling.

The donation jar was for a charity run by the Lowell Sun, a newspaper based in Lowell, Massachusetts. The charity, called Sun Santa, is an annual effort to help those in need like disadvantaged children during the holidays.

A new charity jar has been placed on the store’s counter.

If you have any information regarding the alleged thief, please contact the Lowell police department.

Here’s additional information on the Santa Sun charity.

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