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The new beer and the finale of season 13 will be celebrated at Dock Street Brewery PHOTO: Patrick McElhenney/FX 

Anyone who watches the hit FX show It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia knows that the show's creator/one of the main character's Rob Mcelhenny loves his T-shirts (especially his sleeveless ones). Fans may have even noticed the Dock Street Brewery shirt that Mac sported in a few of the episodes of the show. Now the West-Philly brewing company is returning the favor by launching their new It's Always Sunny-inspired beer

Dock Street Brewery is launching a new It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia inspired beer 

The 5.5 percent alcohol milk stout is titled  The Gang Tries to Get Mac to Come to Dock Street, which is a play on the episode titles of the popular show. 16-oz. cans of the beer will go up for sale at the brewery (located at 701 S 50 St.) starting at 9:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 7. The artwork on the can showcases characters from the show and was designed by Alexis Grant. "We might get a visit, we might get a lawsuit, but at least we'll be laughing," Dock Street Brewery said in a release. 


We call this one “The Gang Tries to Get Mac to Come to Dock Street.” For the past two seasons of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Mac has rocked a Dock Street Brewery t-shirt (also, sidebar: he’s pretty ripped now, just saying’), so in honor of the season finale we’re dropping a 5.5% ABV Milk Stout in 16oz cans with artwork by Alexis Grant. The beer will go on sale at 9:30pm, the episode will be playing on our projector at 10pm, and the kitchen will stay open till 10:30pm so come watch, eat and toast the best show on TV. • We might get a visit, we might get a lawsuit, but at least we’ll get a laugh, so come through and hang. If you can’t make it out to Dock Street, you can have the beer delivered to your couch - GoPuff will be the only retailer carrying this beer, so fire up your app and order some showtime refreshments.

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The Gang Tries to Get Mac to Come to Dock Street will debut during the It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia season 13 finale. Dock Street Brewery will host a viewing party for the final episode of the season and show it on a projector shortly after the new beer debuts. The kitchen will remain open after the episode ends for an extended celebration. 

The finale of season 13 titled The Gang Wins the Big Game, will revolve around a few members of the gang including Mac and Frank attending Superbowl LII in Minnesota where the Philadelphia Eagles victoriously take on the New England Patriots. Charlie mistakenly was left behind in last week's penultimate episode of the season, so he must celebrate from the City of Brotherly Love. 

If you can't make it to the event on Wednesday, you're in luck. GoPuff, the popular delivery service app, will have the new beer in stock and can deliver it right to your door, so you can enjoy the new stout while watching the season finale of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia on your couch. 

Dock Street Brewery

If you're a big fan of the show and want a fun way to watch the season finale or you just are a fan of new beers and want to try a delicious stout that is unique to Philly stop by Dock Street Brewery or order GoPuff this Wednesday. 

The new beer premiere and viewing party will be on  Nov. 7, 9:30 p.m., at Dock Street Brewery, 701 S 50th St., Philadelphia,

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