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This is what Matt Damon thinks about that Ben Affleck back tattoo

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Matt Damon has finally shared his thoughts on the crazy back tattoo Ben Affleck has been sporting that the internet can’t seem to stop talking about.

Ahead of World Water Day on Thursday, the actor and his Water.org co-founder Gary White stopped by “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah” on Wednesday night to chat about their philanthropic organization. However, the late-night host couldn’t help but kick things off by asking Damon about the “pressing news” surrounding his friendship with Affleck.

“When did you break up with Ben Affleck? When did that friendship end?” Noah joked. “Are you guys not friends anymore?”

“Unfortunately, I can’t seem to shake him,” Damon replied. “I’ve known him since I was 10, so that’s 37 years I’ve known him.”

Watch: Matt Damon weighs in on Ben Affleck’s back tattoo

The comic asked about the status of their high-profile friendship as he couldn’t believe a true best bud would allow his friend to get a tattoo like the one Affleck has on his back.

“I don’t believe a friend would allow a friend to get a back tattoo of a colorful dragon,” Noah said. “Have you seen this tattoo?”

Damon admitted that he has, in fact, seen the ink in person, but doesn’t think it’s his place to tell his friend what to put on his body. However, he proved that the duo are truly BFF’s by saying that he supports Affleck’s decision, albeit while trying to suppress some laughs as he answered the question.

“It’s not one man’s job to tell another man what he can do to his back,” Damon said. “I support him in all of his artistic expression.”

“Fair enough,” Noah replied after a few giggles. “That’s a good friend answer, actually.”

So now we know, not even a ridiculous back tattoo can tear this friendship apart.

Matt Damon Ben Affleck back tattoo

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