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Watch: Chris Hemsworth details Matt Damon’s issues with Australian wildlife

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It sounds like the wildlife of Australia has a few issues with Matt Damon.

During the press tour for Marvel’s latest blockbuster Avengers: Infinity War, Chris Hemsworth stopped by Ellen DeGeneres’ show on Thursday and chatted with the daytime host about his new best bud‘s run-ins with the animals of the outback. The Boston actor has visited the Avengers star in his home country on a few occassions, and each time something seems to go wrong.

Hemsworth detailed a particularly scary moment that happened during Damon’s latest visit to Australia. Even though the Thor actor assured Damon that any encounters with dangerous wildlife were few and far between, the Good Will Hunting star had a close call with a giant snake one day on their way to grab a bite to eat.

“We pull up to the café, he gets out of the car, takes one step and just takes a six-foot jump backwards,” Hemsworth told DeGeneres. “Huge, big snake — and he stood straight on it.”

Chris Hemsworth Matt Damon bromance gets wild

Chris Hemsworth Matt Damon snake Australia

In addition to the snake scare, Damon had a crappy Easter thanks to a bird landing a few droppings on him. His previous visit to Australia wasn’t much better, as Damon’s daughter was stung by a jellyfish during the trip, which Hemsworth called “one of the worst” he’s ever seen.

After Damon’s latest wildlife run-in, Hemsworth believes that it must be the Boston actor’s fault for all these random animal encounters.

“It’s not Australia, he’s the problem,” Hemsworth told DeGeneres. “We’ve had to kick him out of Australia for our sake.”

So maybe that’s why the rumors about Damon moving to Australia turned out to be false. Hemsworth and his fellow countrymen just don’t want him messing with their wildlife anymore.

Watch more of Chris Hemsworth interview with Ellen DeGeneres below.