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Toys R Us Geoffrey Giraffe wrestling video: Will he go to WWE?

Toys R Us Geoffrey Giraffe Wrestling Video

Come on, Geoffrey. If you cannot find work in these economy, all hope for you is lost. Toys R Us Geoffrey Giraffe wrestling video: Will he go to WWE?

Geoffrey the Giraffe, the mascot of Toys R US for decades, is looking for a new gig and he may have found his calling in the pro wrestling ring.

At Supercon in Florida on Friday night, Geoffrey entered the FSCW 30-man wrestling rumble. No word on if this is Kane’s new get-up or not as Geoffrey choke slammed two other wrestlers and hit a clothesline. Of course, Geoffrey was eliminated by an Amazon Prime box, with former WWE wrestler Gangrel screaming, “Amazon Prime, bitch!” before using the box to eliminate Geoffrey over the top rope and onto the floor.

Geoffrey definitely got over with the crowd in Florida, even if it was just a sympathy pop.


Toys R Us Geoffrey Giraffe wrestling video: Will he go to WWE?

Interestingly, enough, Kane and Geoffrey do have a history in WWE.

Toys R Us Geoffrey Giraffe wrestling video

Toys R Us went out of business last month in large part because of the success of Amazon Prime. This must have added insult to injury for Geoffrey, who was eliminated by his longtime nemesis in the rumble. In recent weeks, Geoffrey has been appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live and other media venues as he looks for a new gig. A picture of a depressed Geoffrey in an empty Toys R Us store went viral just last month.

Here is what CNN Money wrote about Toys R Us going out of business in March:

The company said it would have to spend several hundred million dollars just to keep its remaining stores open through the end of the year. That’s a problem because Toys “R” Us is already burning nearly $100 million per month. Meanwhile, no buyer has come forward to save Toys “R” Us, and the company acknowledged its creditors are getting antsy.

Toys “R” Us said it realized its plan to stay in business through the 2018 holiday season wouldn’t work.

“The stark reality” is that the company will run out of cash in the United States in May, the company noted in its filing. So it determined the best way to pay back its creditors is to liquidate the remaining inventory in its remaining US stores.

“Everything is up for sale,” Toys “R” Us CEO David Brandon told employees on a conference call Wednesday, according to a recording obtained by CNNMoney. “All of these assets are available. Someone can literally buy these assets, and if they are willing to pay one more dollar than the liquidation value of these assets then in fact it could be of interest.”

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