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VIDEO: Husband beat up after wife spits on subway rider

On the two train , this lady was too big to sit in a small space next to the guy, he instead let his smaller coworker sit next to him. She then got upset , they threw insults back and fourth. She then began to get into his face. She spit at him , it missed. She spit at him again and he began to beat up her boyfriend because he didn't wanna hit her.

Posted by Belle Porter on Wednesday, January 20, 2016

An expletive-fueled subway altercation turned violent when a man turned on his sparring partner’s husband, beating him to the floor.

The brawl happened on a northbound 5 train at 3:30 p.m. Wednesday, according to the New York Post, and was captured by another straphanger, and later posted on Facebook. The graphic video has since gotten more than three million views.

“Cops say the argument started in Manhattan, when the woman tried to squeeze into a seat next to a man in a reflective vest. The woman told police that he elbowed her and she elbowed him back and the two launched into a tirade that lasted across the river and four stops into the Bronx,” the Post reported.

Video footage, taken while the train was stopped at Jackson Avenue, shows the woman keeping the car doors open while the two spew curses and get in each other’s faces. The woman is holding up her phone.

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At least one other rider can be heard in the background saying “we try to go home,” and somebody going to have to give me my $2.75,” as frustration builds up inside the train for the woman to get away from the doors and stop fighting.

But the situation escalates when the woman spits on the man, and he takes it out on a man who the Post identifies as her husband.

The husband, despite at one point telling his wife to “chill,” is thrown to the ground, punched repeatedly and kicked as his attacker yells “I’m gonna f—kyour n—a up” before the video cuts off.

According to the Post, the attacker exited the train at Prospect Avenue with the woman and her husband in pursuit as she yelled for the cops. As of Thursday afternoon, the man has not been arrested.

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