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Video of Andy Dick groping Ivanka Trump emerges after recent sexual misconduct charges

Andy Dick.

Actor and comedian Andy Dick was arrested and charged with sexual battery this week after an April 5th incident. According to documents obtained by TMZ, he was charged with misdemeanor sexual battery and misdemeanor simple battery for allegedly groping a woman and making lewd comments.

A few days later, a 2007 video of Andy Dick touching Ivanka Trump during an episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live resurfaced and started making rounds on the web.

The 2007 video shows both Andy Dick and Ivanka Trump appearing as guests on Jimmy Kimmel Live. While Trump talks with Kimmel, Dick makes a move toward her leg.

“You don’t play up the glitter on your legs?” Dick asks, as he begins to rub the side of her leg, appearing to make the would-be first daughter very uncomfortable.

Andy Dick touches Ivanka Trump on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Trump slaps Dick’s arm and moves his hand away, prompting Kimmel to get up and make Andy Dick stop.

“Andy, please don’t,” Kimmel said. “Donald Trump will kill both of us,” Kimmel was joking, but also making sure the actor and comedian kept his hands to himself.

The video clip also shows Andy Dick taking a swipe at Ivanka Trump’s ponytail.

A longer video clip from the interview shows Andy Dick grabbing Ivanka Trump’s arm and security dragging him off the set by his feet. While everyone seemed to have a laugh about the bizarre incident, Kimmel later told Extra that Andy Dick appeared to be “a little out of it” during the segment and said that he was unapologetic about being dragged away by security. 

Andy Dick dragged off Jimmy Kimmel Live show after touching Ivanka Trump

In 2017, Andy Dick took to Instagram to address the incident 10 years ago. In the post, Dick took a screenshot of the video segment and attempted to explain his behavior to his followers.

“The time I ‘groped’ Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, on Jimmy Kimmel Live,” he wrote in the caption of the post. “Her legs were sparkling, and I was trying to see if the glitter would wipe off. I also mistakenly thought she would date me. I was jokingly carried off by security. Is anybody going to carry Trump off? No joke. Confusing times.”

Andy Dick’s inappropriate behavior

Andy Dick has been accused of inappropriate behavior with both women and men over the years.

According to the Daily Beast, Andy Dick allegedly licked Farrah Fawcett, Carrie Fisher and Patton Oswalt backstage during Comedy Central’s William Shatner roast in 2006. New York Post reporter Mandy Stadmiller also says Dick tried to kiss and grope her, claiming he just wanted to have fun. Stadmiller also accuses Dick of urinating in front of her and offering her cocaine.

In 2008, Andy Dick was arrested after Police said he “grabbed and fondled” a 17-year-old girl’s breast before pulling her top down in the parking lot of Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar. Reports say Dick was intoxicated and had marijuana and Xanax in his possession.

Andy Dick sexual misconduct

Dick’s misconduct is not just with women. According to TMZ, Andy Dick was arrested and charged with two felony counts of sexual abuse in the first degree after he groped a man’s crotch and tried to kiss him.

In 2011, the comic was sued for allegedly pulling out his penis and rubbing it against a man’s face during a comedy show in Dallas in 2010. According to The New York Daily News, Dick was dressed in drag for the show, lifted up his skirt and forced himself on the victim.

Before the most recent groping incident in April, Andy Dick was fired from the independent feature film Raising Buchanan after sexual misconduct accusations on set. Sources told The Hollywood Reporter that Dick groped people’s genitals, kissed and licked people and made other sexual advances to people on set.